This TV 32RV733 puts you at the heart of the action with its full HD 1080p resolution and featuring improved Resoltuion+ upscaling technology which has been re-engineered to upscale any non-1080p source to provide sharper clearer images all in a stylish black high-gloss design. Powered by Toshiba’s MetaBrain processing engine the Stasia features Dolby Volume providing consistent volume and sound quality whatever you’re watching Features Resolution + Resolution+ is our critically-acclaimed upscaling technology that displays standard definition images at near high definition quality with improved edge detail and texture. With Resolution+ your Toshiba LCD TV will produce near high definition picture quality on all standard definition TV DVD and downloaded content you watch while still delivering the most pure and stunning picture quality possible from all high definition sources. Watch as your favourite movies programmes and games become clearer richer and sharper than ever before with Toshiba and Resolution+. Meta Brain Not all TV’s are born equal. Meta Brain is Toshiba’s unique processing chip that acts as the brain of TV. Meta Brain drives certain features and technologies on REGZA LCD TVs such as Resolution+ and AutoView as well as variations of Active Vision picture processing and Dolby Volume. AutoView Auto View not only takes into account the room lighting but also analyses the content being shown in real time. The ambient light sensor constantly adjusts the LCD’s backlight depending on the lighting condition in the room to provide a better viewing experience. In light rooms backlight is increased in dark rooms backlight is dimmed. Active Vision II Toshiba’s acclaimed award winning picture processing Active Vision improves four key areas of the picture you view Contrast Colour Movement and Detail. 1080p Full HD Supports 1920×1080 resolution content the highest definition signal currently available offering outstanding picture quality and image reproduction. Ideal for sports movie and documentary enthusiasts and gaming. 4 x HDMI Multiple HDMI connectivity makes it easy to connect to Blu-ray players HD games consoles and other devices simultaneously without having to manually switch cables. Dolby Volume Dolby Volume stops those annoying fluctuations in volume during commercial breaks and when switching between channels or sources such as your DVD player or games console providing a more enjoyable viewing experience. It also provides a full and consistent sound experience at all volume levels even low volume. Full Power Down Your Toshiba LCD TV can now be fully turned off when you do not want to leave it on stand by mode Eco Panel A specially designed LCD panel that is designed to consume less power than a conventional LCD TV. Eco-panels consume less power whilst still producing a stunning picture quality.

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