Toshiba 40RL858B 40" Full HD LED TV + BDX1250 Blu-ray Player

HDTV.Toshiba 40RL858B 40" Full HD LED TV + BDX1250 Blu-ray Player

Toshiba 40RL858B 40" Full HD LED TV If you're looking for a stunning LED television with superior audio and visual quality then the Toshiba 40RL858B 40" Full HD LED TV ticks all the boxes. Impressive HD visuals If awesome visuals are important to you then you'll love the 40RL858B . It features an impressive 40" LED screen with a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, meaning you can watch your favourite shows and films in glorious HD. And thanks to the remarkable 3,000,000:1 contrast ration, you will experience crystal clear vision, with colours emphasised to maximise your enjoyment. Get clever with Smart TV A stand-out feature of the 40RL858B is its Smart TV capabilities. This will open up a whole new dimension to your television viewing as you will be able to access online entertainment content. With this function you can catch-up with your favourite shows and get involved with interactive services, thus giving you an all-round entertainment experience. Amazing sound The 40RL858B will ensure that you can hear everything in pitch-perfect audio. With NICAM Stereo speakers and Digital Noise Reduction, you can be sure that nothing will interfere with your audio pleasure. Entertainment hub The WiFi ready 40RL858B boasts a variety of connection points for you to adapt your television for your personal requirements. With three HDMI ports, one SCART, one SVGA input for PC connection and one component video input, you can connect the multimedia peripherals of choice, from Blu-ray players and games consoles to PCs. User-friendly The 40RL858B is extremely user-friendly, cleverly helping you use Smart TV, navigate content and hook up peripherals. Its super-slim design will effortlessly fit in to any room in the house. For an enhanced television experience, take a closer look at the Toshiba 40RL858B 40" Full HD LED TV . Toshiba BDX1250 Blu-ray Player Make the most of that HDMI connection with the Toshiba BDX1250 Blu-ray Player . This smart player will bring you a full high definition experience from your HD TV. Beautifully clear Watch your films in 1080p playback and bask in remarkably clear, crisp images and stunning colours. This brilliant Blu-ray player guarantees an image quality up to six times superior than standard definition DVD! Glorious sound and vision The Blu-ray player features superb sound quality provided by Dolby Digital, Dolby Plus, Dolby True HD, DTS Digital Surround, and DTS HD to ensure that the audio matches the HD visual. You can even play your standard DVDs upscaled to 1080p! The Toshiba BDX1250 Blu-ray Player offers compelling entertainment and is a great addition to your HDTV setup.

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Toshiba 40RL858B Full HD 40" LED TV
Toshiba 40RL858B 40" Full HD LED TV + BDX1250 Blu-ray Player
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