LG 42LM640T (42LM640) 42 Cinema 3D SMART LED TV"

HDTV.LG 42LM640T (42LM640) 42 Cinema 3D SMART LED TV"

This LG 42LM640T is compatible with the lightweight, comfortable passive 3D glasses. Because they don't need to be powered up they are much lighter, far cheaper and come in a wider range of designs, and you don't have to worry about them running out of power half way through your 3D film. Carrying on with the passive 3D system, technology has been able to bring the same technology into the gaming market. Are you tired of having to play side-by-side with multilayer games on 1 TV? This LG 42LM640T is compatible with Dual view glasses (Sold Separately). This means you can both view 1 full screen, without seeing the others screen. Improving your gaming experience and quality. The processors in this LG 42LM640T HD 3D TV have the ability to take an image displayed through the screen, then intelligently pinpoint where the depth is supposed to be, and creates a 3D representation of that image. Using this system, you can access a great depth to the image, which you can control using the depth scale. Not only this but with dedicated 3D content and 3D compatible speaker system, enjoy 3 dimensions of sound, making an even more accurate cinematic experience. As always the main decision to choosing the right TV for you is picture quality. To meet the high standards of today's market this LG 42LM640T 3D LED TV does not compromise the quality for style. Instead, a lot of technology has gone into this TV to ensure both design and quality are met with high energy savings. LG use their 'Intelligent Sensor' which is selectable in the menu screen. This sensor will continuously review the image being shown and decide which sections need to be altered to improve the clarity and quality. This is done by switching off sections of LED's that don't need to be used. This means a lot less power is used, especially whilst watching darker movies and films. To ensure you get the highest quality from Blu-Ray DVDs and the Built-in Freeview HD enjoy Full 1920 x 1080 Resolution, with a fantastic 400Hz refresh rate. The clever processors built into the TV take the input frequency and use special techniques to sharpen and smooth out any motion sequences. This 42LM640T has a resolution upscaler to improve the quality of your standard definition broadcasts, improving on any older content you want to watch, be it from freeview broadcast, DVDs or online web content. With the trend of more demands on TVs SMART features are necessary to perform all the tasks of modern requirements. LG have taken time to think about and design their own Smart Home, Smart Sharing, and Social networking. Firstly to enable this LG 42LM640T to access the internet, you will need to purchase an extra wireless dongle. Setup is simple, connect to your home Wi-Fi network and instantly start sharing your files, photos and music. Connect to your home computer, to access stored content, so you can show visitors be it friends or family your last holiday snaps and home movies. Update your status on Facebook and Twitter or call a loved one using the Skype chat (Skype camera sold separately). Easily navigate through the Home Dashboard with LG's new Wand remote control (AN-MR300 Sold Seperately) The Magic Motion Remote Control operates like a computer mouse for your LG Smart TV providing the easiest control over your entertainment. Just point, click, scroll and control. With simple movements and gestures, you can drag, flick, and select your preferences, without the hassle of using multiple buttons and arrow keys. Accessing Video on demand could never be easier. Watch free videos on iPlayer, Youtube, or subscribe to LoveFilm to rent movies and film that have just been released. All of these services are updated constantly so you are never out of date. Also known as: 42LM640T, 42LM640 , 42 LM 640

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LG 42LM640T (42LM640) 42 Cinema 3D SMART LED TV"
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