A collection of premium-quality 46WL753B LCD TVs packed with outstanding features. Combining advanced LED backlighting and integrated Freeview HD tuners in all models Toshiba’s new LED range has been built to provide exceptional picture performance in a range of sizes – with everything from 81.3cm (32”) to 139.7cm (55”) models available. The REGZA SL Series and WL Series blends LED backlighting quality with extensive connectivity and integrated Freeview HD tuners delivering incredible picture quality to provide a premium high definition experience – all housed in a slimmer more refined design. Powered by Toshiba’s MetaBrain processing engine both ranges also feature Toshiba’s newly improved Resolution+ picture enhancement technology an advanced version of the acclaimed upscaling technology capable of upscaling any non-1080p signal with brilliant results. LED technology – clarity detail definition The new REGZA SL and WL Series models become the latest REGZA TV s to feature LED technology an advanced backlighting system that guarantees new levels of picture clarity by constantly adapting to the images on the screen. Colours are made more vibrant and contrast between light and dark is more pronounced providing dramatically improved performance whilst overall energy consumption is also reduced. Freeview HD – see TV in a whole new light Toshiba’s new LED models all feature an integrated DVB-T2 tuner ensuring compatibility with Freeview HD broadcasts across the range. Users can watch terrestrial HD broadcasts through their existing TV aerials and without the need for an external set-top box completely removing the need for satellite subscriptions or dish installations. Freeview HD will provide viewers with free access to an ever-growing selection of terrestrial HD content including the 2010 FIFA World Cup which is due to be broadcast in HD from June this year. Active Vision – ultra-smooth picture performance Both series also feature the latest versions of Toshiba’s Active Vision picture processing technology which provides vivid images and ultra smooth refresh rates. Motion blur is drastically reduced in fast moving pictures such as action sequences or sports delivering more defined movement on screen with both the REGZA SL Series (100Hz) and the REGZA WL Series (200Hz) providing instant compatibility with Blu-ray content shot at native cinematic frame rates. Toshiba’s AutoView feature also complements Active Vision processing on all models ensuring the screen’s brightness is always set to the optimum level by monitoring room conditions and adjusting backlight levels to suit both the content and immediate lighting. Dolby Volume and SoundNavi – rich immersive audio Dolby Volume and new Toshiba SoundNavi technology provide impressive audio to match great images. The inclusion of Dolby Volume keeps volume levels consistent across any channel or audio source regardless of content while SoundNavi technology provides even stronger sound projection enabling integrated TV speakers to powerfully direct audio to the nearest hard surface and amplify sound in the same way as freestanding TVs. Rich connectivity All models across both new REGZA LED panels are Windows 7 certified with integrated DLNA technology that allows users to stream multimedia content – including music video and images – between their REGZA TV and compatible PCs. 4x HDMI connections offer the ability to connect to multiple devices simultaneously with REGZA-LINK technology providing seamless interaction with other HDMI-CEC compatible devices from a single remote control. A USB 2.0 input also allows users to enjoy JPEG images and MP3 audio directly from compatible USB sticks. Power efficient and Eco-Friendly All models in the REGZA SL Series and REGZA WL Series feature Toshiba’s energy-saving Eco Panel which runs at a lower wattage than regular LCD panels. Eco Panel ensures that energy consumption is kept to a minimum without effecting TV performance and also saves consumers money on energy bills. Each model also features a Full Power Down button providing users with the option to completely switch the set off rather than using standby.

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