LG LG 50PJ650 (50PJ50) 50" Freeview Plasma TV

HDTV.LG LG 50PJ650 (50PJ50) 50" Freeview Plasma TV

The LG 50PJ650 is a fantastic Plasma Television that is full of the latest technology enhancing your view experience to the next level.The LG 50PJ650 is a 50 Inch Plasma Television provides 720p HD picture quality with an slim design perfect for any bedroom or den room. The LG PJ6590 range of Plasma TVs comes with an integrated Freeview Tuner, which will provide you the assurance that you can continue to enjoy and extend your current offerings during the Digital Switchover. The fun doesn't stop there, the PJ650 Infinia Plasma Television from LG features 600Hz Subfield Motion, which removes the flicker associated with normal broadcasts in fast action footage. The large slim screen would be ideal for the bedroom, family room or study, and for those who are short on space this Plasma can be mounted on a wall.Also known as: 50PJ650, 50-PJ650

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LG LG 50PJ650 (50PJ50) 50" Freeview Plasma TV
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