This is a returned unwanted unit. Box opened and in good condition. Presenting high performance monitors that suit your vision and your budget. The E1720NR is stylishly designed with ultra narrow bezels and a height adjustable stand for improved viewing comfort. A high dynamic contrast ratio and fast response time ensure vividly clear images and motion graphics. Exclusive Magic technologies enhance productivity: MagicReturn saves dual-monitor users time by shifting content from one screen to the other when ones turned off. MagicEco reduces energy consumption by auto-adjusting brightness and MagicAngle delivers crisp bold images from every angle. No matter how you look at it your outlook is bright with the Samsung E1720NR LCD display.   Get into the details The differences make all the difference. That’s why the Samsung ultra-high 50000:1 Dynamic Contrast ratio automatic backlight adjustment creates deeper more dramatic dark tones and brighter more striking light tones. Now you can enjoy images that echo reality with rich vivid color and brilliant natural intensity. When it comes down to the details conventional monitors simply pale in comparison.   Perfect high speed performance With a response time of 5ms you can be sure that your monitor will perform perfectly even in the fastest moving scenes. This stunning seamless motion imaging presents movies games and internet streamed content with precision and without the motion judder blurring and ghosting that can occur on a slower monitor allowing you to enjoy a completely immersive viewing experience.   Reduce eyestrain. Enhance your viewing experience How do you like to watch movies? Do you like lying down on the couch? Sitting in your favorite chair? Cooking or exercising? Whether you’re standing sitting or lying down Samsung’s Magic Angle makes sure that the movie always takes center stage. And that you’re always comfortable. Wherever you place the Samsung monitor its 5-mode angle management allows you to extend its viewing angle so the screen always appears as if viewed face-on. So stop craning your neck and start enjoying the movie.   Control brightness conserve energy Magic Eco makes saving energy easy. It adjusts Samsung monitor’s brightness based on how much energy you want to save. You have four energy saving options to choose from: 100% 75% and 50% power consumption as well as ‘power saving off’. If Magic Eco is turned off you still enjoy the option of using Samsung’s Magic Bright feature engineered to let you manually adjust the screen’s brightness. Take the effort out of saving energy and take control with Magic Eco.   Feel the Effects of Color Enhance images your way using Samsung’s advanced ColorEffect feature. Open your eyes to a completely customized viewing experience as you play with photographic effects that match your mood. Choose from Aqua Sepia Green and Grayscale to interact with your display in a whole new way – namely yours.   The Smart Size Why should seeing the whole picture be a stretch or for that matter a distorted facsimile of the original? With Samsung’s intelligent adjustable image size function you’ll be able to enjoy images exactly as they were intended by portraying standard sized content in its original format on a wider screen.   Customize Your Control Samsung’s innovative custom key feature puts enhanced entertainment at your fingertips literally. By allowing you to assign your favorite function to the customized key your favorite features are accessed in a flash. Will your customized key bring you Magic Bright Magic Color Color Effect or the Image Size function? The beauty is you decide.   Goes Off by Itself Samsung Monitors aren’t just high performers. They’re eco-friendly efficiency experts as well. The automatic off timer allows users to save energy by setting the monitor to turn itself off at a specified time. As an added benefit this ensures optimal performance for lasting reliability and extended life.   MagicBright 3 Control your screen’s display with just one click. MagicBright 3 automatically optimises brightness contrast and gamma correction based on the mode you choose.   TCO 03 Satisfied Energy Emission Ecology and Ergonomics standards. The most strictest international safety standard for monitors.   TCO Display 5.0 certified Meeting the strict environmental requirements of the TCO Display 5.0 standard the Samsung monitors represent the cutting-edge of responsible design and manufacture ensuring the health of both users and the planet.

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