OVERVIEW Our sleek FWD-65HX920P 65” BRAVIA Professional screens have an incredibly slim profile yet bring the acclaimed performance and style of Sony’s established BRAVIA screen technology to those wanting the highest quality digital signage. These screens can truly enhance many larger professional educational corporate or retail environments – providing smart clear digital messaging.   The FWD-65HX920P features Full HD resolution Intelligent Peak LED backlight Motionflow XR 800 and an Ambient Sensor (adjusting both brightness and colour temperature) for superbly bright clear images.   Stunning 3D capability means that you can choose to enhance your presentations using this latest technology – and with this model you receive 2 pairs of 3D glasses.   An Intelligent Presence Sensor delivers a personalised viewing experience and still means your screen is eco-conscious and energy-saving. USB playback ensures quick content deployment.   The FWD-65HX920P comes bundled with an HDMI-RS232C converter box and a 3-year warranty.   FEATURES Superlative contrast with Intelligent Peak LED backlight Sony achieves spectacular contrast with the Intelligent Peak LED Backlight. LEDs arrayed directly behind the screen raise and lower light level area by area. You get incredibly deep blacks and outstanding peak highlights in every scene. Compared with conventional fluorescent tube backlighting the LEDs enable a thinner profile and higher energy efficiency being around a third of the depth and consuming less power.   Monolithic design Due to the optical properties of the image matching those of the glass the image appears to float on the front surface of the glass. When powered down the screen appears to be a seamless black monolith.   Standard External Control Terminals It comes with HDMI-RS232C converter box which enables external control of the display for features like volume control and more.   Ambient Sensor The Ambient Sensor ensures your screen looks great in daylight fluorescent light incandescent light or darkness. It also detects the lighting conditions and automatically adjusts both the brightness and colour temperature accordingly saving energy by reducing brightness at night.   Intelligent Presence Sensor Experience a screen that knows where you are in the room and adjusts accordingly. Using a built-in camera with ‘face detection’ and ‘motion detection’ the Intelligent Presence Sensor switches the screen into Standby mode to save power when nobody is watching warns children when they are too close to the screen and even optimises the picture and sound based on where people are in the room.   Internet Capability All models feature RJ45 input and wifi capability (with extra external accessories) allowing customers to surf the web via the built-in browser.   Skype Ready Now BRAVIA Professional owners can take advantage of free Skype-to-Skype Internet voice and video calls. Widely popular for PC-based phone calls the Skype service is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family at little or no cost. Sony makes it easy – simply attach the dedicated Sony camera/microphone (sold separately).   3D Capacity Stunning 3D capability means that you can choose to enhance your presentations using this latest technology – and with this model you receive 2 pairs of 3D glasses.   USB Playback For easy entry-level signage displays you can play a variety of content straightaway from a USB memory stick complete with looping and adjustable interval settings.   Wide variety of input options Models can accept a wide variety of input sources including 4 x HDMI laptop Blu-ray and DVD player.   Picture frame mode This power-saving mode comes as standard allowing the screen to be used to show artwork or user-generated images as if it were a picture frame.   Enhanced on-screen interface BRAVIA Professional displays now feature a refinement of the Xross Media Bar (xmb) user interface. Now it’s easier than ever to take advantage of all of your screen’s features: the content continues to play in a window as you navigate the menus; the feature categories appear across the bottom of the screen while the feature choices appear on the right-hand side.

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