Sony BRAVIA KD55X9005 Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD 55" LED TV

HDTV.Sony BRAVIA KD55X9005 Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD 55" LED TV

Prepare to be blown away by the next generation of television: the incredible Sony BRAVIA KD55X9005 Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD 55" LED TV . Sony's impressive BRAVIA X9 series ushers in 4K2K viewing with a screen resolution four times more detailed than Full HD to give you the most immersive, realistic viewing experience ever. Automatic upscaling Whatever you're watching, the 55� X9 will automatically upscale the image to provide unparalleled clarity at all times. See every detail in everything you watch and go beyond High Definition to get the bigger picture courtesy of Sony's X-Reality PRO 4K technology. Constantly analysing each frame, the X9 sharpens edges and refines the detail to plunge you into the most detailed and enthralling viewing experience you can get outside of the cinema. Magnetic Fluid Speakers Unique to Sony, the X9 features Magentic Fluid speakers to offer razor sharp audio to match the breathtaking 4K visuals. Boasting 2.2 channel sound with an impressive output of 65 watts delivered from speakers and drivers mounted into the X9 's frame, it couldn't be easier to get a comprehensive audio-visual package in your living room. Triluminos colour The world isn't made up of block colours, and now neither is your TV thanks to the KD55X9005 Triluminos Colour technology. Capable of boosting and blending tones, the X9 creates a far more detailed palette to give subtle, natural tones and richer hues to your favourite film or TV show to truly give you a window on the world. Bring everything from big budget blockbusters through to nature documentaries roaring into your living room and see every detail in Ultra High Definition exactly as it would look in real life. Get connected Share content between your smart phone and your TV with the X9 's intelligent NFC technology. No wires, no worries as Near Field Communication technology allows one touch pairing with compatible devices. All you need to do is tap your X9 remote and you can transmit files from your phone directly to the TV screen. Go through photos and videos and share your memories with friends instead of huddling around your phone and make the most of the 55� display for a fun way to get together with your loved ones. Stylish design With understated style, the X9 's distinctive silhouette has been carefully crafted to blend into virtually any living room with a subtlety to its chamfered green aluminium edge framing the bezel along and soft illuminations every time you interact with the set. One stop entertainment Look forward to nights in with the X9 granting access to the Sony Entertainment Network and enjoy the latest films, catch up TV or watch entire seasons of shows on Netflix & Lovefilm while BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4OD and many more subscription free channels are available to help you catch your favourite shows around the clock. Apps readily available from Opera App Store give you the freedom to watch whatever you want, whenever you want it, for a liberating alternative to scheduled entertainment. Motionflow Don't be limited by your TV when it comes to high speed sports and fast moving action films. The X9 's impressive Motionflow technology works to reduce blurring and present the most faithful image possible to help you keep on top of the action. Multidimensional Ultra HD Watch the action fly out of the edge lit LED screen at you with a fully immersive multidimensional TV experience. Sliding on the comfortable 3D glasses the X9 can transport you to new worlds that you'll feel you can reach out and touch. Get a new perspective and watch your favourite programmes like never before with cinema grade depth and 4K resolution that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Subscription free Full HD TV Don't pay a penny for the shows you love thanks to the built in Freeview HD tuner, with the more than 50 standard and HD TV channels to choose from. Never be stuck for something to watch with enough stations to guarantee you'll have something to enjoy entirely subscript

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Sony BRAVIA KD55X9005 Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD 55" LED TV
Sony BRAVIA KD55X9005 Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD 55" LED TV
Sony BRAVIA KD55X9005BBU Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD 55" LED TV
BRAVIA KD55X9005BBU Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD 55" LED TV
SONY BRAVIA KD55X9005BBU Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD 55" LED TV
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