Sony KD85X9505BBAEP Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD 85" LED TV

HDTV.Sony KD85X9505BBAEP Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD 85" LED TV

Combining a stunning wedge design, superb sound, 4k UHD image technology and Smart features that bring entertainment to life, the immense Sony KD85X9505BBAEP Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD 85" LED TV provides a truly spectacular way to watch TV. Simply entertaining With One Flick Entertainment and the included One Flick remote, you'll be able to enjoy a range of viewing quicker than ever before. Using the new interface, all you need is your thumb to find and launch apps within seconds. This means you can cycle through TV channels, view photos on your network and much more with a simple movement. The unobtrusive menu appears at the bottom of your screen so it won't disturb what's currently showing on your TV. The 85X9505 also includes the TweetView system, which lets you view what people around the world are saying about the programme that you're watching. Your TV will suggest relevant keywords related to the current programme, or you can enter your own. Tweets will then flow across the bottom of your television screen, making your viewing more social than ever. Calling all football fans The Live Football Mode automatically adjusts the TV settings to provide you with the best possible viewing when you're watching sport. Get the match day experience with adjusted sound and picture settings which mimic the feeling of being in a stadium. It also provides you with access to the latest FIFA World Cup standings and videos of memorable moments from past World Cups thanks to YouTube access. Multidimensional Ultra HD Watch the action fly out of the edge lit LED screen at you with a fully immersive multidimensional UHD TV experience. Sliding on the comfortable 3D glasses the X95 can transport you to new worlds that you'll feel you can reach out and touch. Get a new perspective and watch your favourite programmes like never before with cinema grade depth and 4K resolution that will leave you on the edge of your seat. The 4k Ultra HD technology offers four times the detail of Full HD, so you can enjoy even clearer entertainment that is truly immersive. Whilst you're waiting for 4k content to become available, you can enjoy the UHD experience thanks to the X-Reality Pro technology, which cleans and enhances content to beyond HD quality, so you can get even more from your Blu-rays and HD TV. Triluminos colour The world isn't made up of block colours, and now neither is your TV thanks to the KD85X95 Triluminos Colour technology. Capable of boosting and blending tones, the X9505 creates a far more detailed palette to give subtle, natural tones and richer hues to your favourite film or TV show to truly give you a window on the world. Bring everything from big budget blockbusters through to nature documentaries roaring into your living room and see every detail in Ultra High Definition exactly as it would look in real life. Outstanding sound Be moved by your TV's sound thanks to the long duct speaker in the KD85X9505 , bringing you fantastic audio to accompany the excellent image quality. Whether it's the deep rumble of thunder, or the squealing of tyres in an action movie car chase, this speaker will keep you on the edge of your seat. The large screen size means that you can experience some of the best sound, as this TV plays host to two subwoofers, two woofers and two tweeters. Stylish design With a stunning wedge design, this large screen TV brings style to your viewing. The design means there's more room for larger speakers, so you can enjoy sound with greater depth and powerful bass. The TV also has a lower centre of gravity, which means it uses a smaller, more adjustable stand that allows you to adjust the feet to different positions, perfect for positioning your TV on your furniture. Don't forget your HDMI cables Check out our range of HDMI cables to connect your input devices and to make sure your new TV has a perfect picture with improved transfer speeds. Look out for the Sandstrom Silver Series HDMI cables with their lifetime warranty. For tr

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Sony KD85X9505BBAEP Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD 85" LED TV
KD85X9505BBAEP Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD 85" LED TV
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