Sony KDL-40NX503U + BDV-E670 Package Deal

HDTV.Sony KDL-40NX503U + BDV-E670 Package Deal

The KDL-40NX503 is a marvellous premium LCD Television from Sony taking LCD TVs to the next level. The Sony KDL-40NX503 LCD Television features a stunning slim design.This LCD Television from Sony also features support for Freeview HD among normal Freeview broadcasts. Freeview HD allows you to enjoy BBC HD, ITV1 HD & 4HD (more HD Channels available in the future) in high definition for free without the need for an external Freeview HD box or a satellite receiver. This unit comes at the right time to enjoy all 64 Games of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in High Definition and for Free. The KDL40NX503 Full HD LCD Television uses the latest BRAVIA ENGINE 3 which builds on the highly successful BRAVIA ENGINE technology. The BRAVIA ENGINE 3 features a new chipset and picture processing software allowing the BRAVIA ENGINE to outshine what is already dazzling performance from the previous generations. The technology found in the Sony KDL40NX503 LCD Television allows the unit to produce an astoundingly large contrast level which increases depth and clarity. Furthermore the BRAVIA ENGINE 3 features new colour technology which detects and optimises overall colour distribution for each frame which produces breathtaking colour by making millions of improvements and adjustments each frame before you even see it. The 'Advanced Noise Reduction' lies behind BRAVIA's ability to show you every blade of grass on a football pitch and really put you at the heart of the action.This 40NX503 40" LCD TV allows you to view photos & listen to music via USB with the integrated USB Music Player and USB Photo View plus. This Sony 40 Inch LCD Television features 24P True Cinema which reproduces the authentic cinematic experience and allow you to enjoy the movies as the director intended at 24 FPS (Frames Per Second).The compact neat 40 Inch screen would be ideal for the family room, living room or bedroom and for those who are short on space this LCD can be mounted on a wall.The Sony BDV-E670 is a fantastic Blu-Ray Home Cinema System that heavily builds on its predecessor to extend your enjoyment. The BDV-E670 is a 3D Ready Blu-Ray 5.1 system allowing you to enjoy not just 2D Blu-Ray Movies but also the latest generation of 3D Blu-Ray Titles. This 3D Blu-Ray Player will allow you to enjoy to Full HD 3D meaning that you will be able to view 3D content in Full HD 1080p per eye.The BDVE670 from Sony is a 5.1 system consisting of 4 Satellite Speakers, a centre speaker and 165W Subwoofer. This Sony 3D Home Theatre System produces 1000W of power through the 5.1 System. Furthermore the BDV-E670 features wireless rear speakers allowing you to keep your speaker cabling tidy and tucked away.The BDV-E670 Home Theatre System comes with a Full HD Blu-Ray Player, which also has the ability to up scale your old DVD giving you a much more superior picture quality, when its teamed with your HD Ready TV. Two HDMI connections give you the opportunity to connect your HD satellite box or games console, giving you a great surround sound experience with anything your watching.* N.B. This Blu-Ray Player will require regular updating of the software either via USB, WiFi or Ethernet to take advantage of the latest features and copy protection from film studios. Please refer to your product user manual for details of updating your Blu Ray Player.Sony KDL-40NX503 Also known as:KDL-40NX503, KDL40NX503, KDL-40NX503U, KDL40NX503USony BDV-E670 Also known as:BDV-E670W, BDVE670W, BDV-E670, BDVE670

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Sony Bravia 40'' KDL-40NX703 Full HD LED TV
Sony Bravia 40" KDL-40NX713 LED Slim Design LCD TV with Freeview™ HD
Sony KDL-40NX503U + BDV-E670 Package Deal
Sony KDL-40NX503U 40 Inch Full HD Freeview HD Bravia LCD TV
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