EDITORS PICK RECOMMENDED At a glance A 46 inch Full HD 1080 Eco Friendly LCD TV with low power consumption on Sony KDL40WE5B 1staudiovisual Description This KDL40WE5B TV makes a lasting impression but not on the environment. With stunning good looks superb sound and picture quality as well has an energy efficient backlight and some fantastic features this TV is at the top of its class and a worthy investment for those serious about home entertainment Features Out of sight out of picture This TV knows that you are there! It’s a bit freaky isn’t it but it will save you money. When you leave the room the intelligent Presence Sensor will automatically turn off the picture to save energy sound annoying? Well it’s not because you can still hear the sound so trips to make a cup of tea do not involve missing any of the dialogue but you will miss out on wasting the energy that is required to display the picture. Once you come back into the room the picture comes back on plus the Energy Saving Switch cuts energy use to almost 0 when the TV is off. We think it’s brilliant Three year guarantee Sony are currently offering an exclusive 3 year guarantee on the latest BRAVIA LCD TV’s that are 26 inches and above. Every BRAVIA obviously comes with a guarantee but for total peace of mind Sony have upped it to 3 years Half the Energy twice the impact As Sony say Green lean and pristine this TV has got it all and it really does. The energy efficient backlight saves a HUGE 50% power consumption and this comes with absolutely no compromise to the picture quality. The design is as kind on the eyes as it is to the environment with a piano black finish and an elegance that will look superb in any room in any home High Definition The energy consumption of this TV is low but resolution is high 1920 x 1080 to be precise and this means that you can enjoy games movies and TV in stunning High Definition. When you watch Blu Ray movies it’s just like being in the cinema and when you plug in your Playstation3 the characters and scenes spring to life in front of your very eyes and burst from the screen. The more pixels the better the resolution and with 1920 x 1080 you will enjoy incredibly clear and detailed pictures with fine detail superb colours Motionflow 100Hz Bring on the fast action and enjoy it with no juddering and no blur with Motionflow 100Hz technology that makes sure you get the very best out of fast action sports and moves without missing a frame by inserting unique frames either side of the existing ones and giving superb continuity and judder free action. Why have 50 frames a second when you can have 100? 4 x HDMI Lots of high definition devices? Well don’t spend any more time on your knees cable swapping! This TV has 4 HDMI ports so you can easily switch from one to the other without having a fight with all of that spaghetti cable rammed down the back of your television we have all done it and we all hate it well it’s a thing of the past with the KDL46WE5B 1staudiovisual are impressed by We love the environmentally friendliness of this television and the fact that not only does it have a reduced impact on the environment it has no impact on the sound and picture quality that is nothing less than superb Our final word When you want it all Green Lean and Pristine this is the perfect choice

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