An integrated LED backlight stereo speakers model player the ultra-thin lightweight and low power consumption unnecessary cable ring extra display space-saving design   Design and space-saving ultra-thin ultra-lightweight Just 29.9mm width 15.1mm body thickness of the display bezel width. Body display lightweight model approximately 6.5kg. Minimum has been achieved thorough slim design lightweight and the pursuit of narrow frame. Yet thin body also has a built-in stereo speakers and a media player to display the body eliminating the need for extra cables except the power cable. Wall installation with no discomfort and greatly improve the ease of installation blend into the space has been able to stand in a space-saving installation.   Full HD display Was adopted with LED backlight a liquid crystal full HD. LCD for vivid image display Semigurea while to reduce the reflection of external light. In addition the higher the contrast has been improved color gamut and reproduction of dark power. In addition we have achieved to enable a wide viewing angle of 178 ° horizontal / vertical does not impair the reproducibility of color in the horizontal in the vertical the public space "shine" the display.   Corresponds to the installation of both directions of horizontal and vertical Also supports the establishment of any commercial display unique vertical and horizontal. It corresponds to both vertical and horizontal easel stand even in "The Power of the store (the power of tempo). * the establishment of a single vertical and horizontal display ME32B confirmation is required before construction design and installation details.   Broaden the range of feature-rich operation [Equipped with "smart scheduling" up to 24 timer settings; Timer can be set with power ON / OFF input signal the sound volume features "Smart Scheduling". Or only once the settings that you determine the date every day that can be configured from within Mon-Fri Mon-Sat and Sun - Sat. Function: Automatically detects the signal of all input sources; And reduce the hassle of switching of the input signal to avoid a blackout in the event of system failure is possible. [Automatic brightness adjustment function; Be able to automatically adjust the brightness of the LCD display brightness of the light by the surrounding environment by the built-in brightness sensor and reduce the power consumption of the night from the evening. The remote control of multiple displays one By connecting a stereo mini-plug cable to the IR IN / OUT infrared remote control in one centralized remote control to operate multiple display units is possible.   Eco-Friendly By incorporating LED backlight power consumption was significantly lower than our previous product. To reduce the power consumption about 45 percent compared to conventional products. ※ 1 In addition adopted the eco-design of the paint and non-adoption of lead-free solder + LED backlight eco-friendly Planet First * 2! Will promote the eco-energy saving design. Conventional products * 1: * 2 Planet First 320MX-3 compared with the slogan of Samsung Electronics is a commitment for environmental management.   Display alone realized (MagicInfo Lite) content playback Built-in display in the body (MagicInfo Lite) the media player. Playback can be automated easily to the USB port of the display insert the USB memory content that is powered only by a two-step operation by remote control. It is also possible to copy to display the contents of the internal memory of the body in the USB memory. Add and (8 types) when switching digital effect functions of the displayed content random play you can easily schedule start and end times set for each content file in playback-only operations on the remote control. Does not require any special software to play the content. Easy to play if there is a common material. Still Image (JPG) videos Flash movies audio files etc. corresponds to a wide range of file formats. *You need to display and play installation is rotated 90 degrees to the horizontal material that you created in the vertical horizontal installation to save the image.   Centrally managed and remote operation (MDC) a liquid crystal display of multiple units In addition to remote management and operation of the display system reason RS-232C by the remote management features and operation (RJ45 port) via the network. Install the (MDC) software for control of one PC you can manage and display operation. You can not only display only one remote management control and bulk of the display of multiple units by setting the ID display only specific adjustments. * abbreviation of (Multiple Display Control) MDC Typical feature of MDC [] Etc. – hardware detection error – switching the input source – volume control – Manage power on / off   Can be daisy-chained via DVI-D digital With input and output terminals of DVI-D. Daisy-chained via digital DVI-D surface is possible up to a maximum of 100. To build a multi-display configuration simple system in conjunction with the built-in video wall function is possible.

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