Samsung PS50C7000 50 Inch Full HD & Freeview HD 3D Plasma TV

HDTV.Samsung PS50C7000 50 Inch Full HD & Freeview HD 3D Plasma TV

The Samsung PS50C7000 is the fantastic 50" 3D Plasma Television from Samsung that brings the 3D experience to your living room. It amazes, even us, to think that all the technology detailed below can be packed into slimmest Plasma Television available whilst also remaining affordable. The C7000 range of 3D Plasma Televisions from Samsung allow you experience explosive Full High Definition images from movies and television broadcasts – taking what you seen at the cinema in 3D to a whole new level.The 50 Inch 3D Plasma TV uses Active 3D Technology, whereby the Active 3D Glasses (available separately) do the magic to display the 3D Content. Samsung Active 3D Glasses operate wirelessly from the 3D Plasma Television and display one High Definition image per eye. The glasses are stylish and more importantly comfortable. Samsung Active 3D Glasses have been engineered in order to adapt to your eyes to reduce the common symptoms from watching 3D Content.Watching 3D Content on your Luxia C7000 is currently available in 4 different flavours; 3D Blu-Ray, 3D Broadcast, 2D-to-3D Conversion, 3D Gaming Consoles. 3D Blu-Ray Players are currently the only way to enjoy Full HD 3D content – which means each eye, will receive a Full 1080p High Definition image in order to produce the 3D effect. Another way to enjoy 3D Content with your Samsung 3D Plasma Television is the broadcast form. Currently in the United Kingdom, BSkyB are the only broadcaster to provide a 3D Service called Sky 3D. Sky 3D is available for Free to all Sky World (with Sky HD Subscription) customers allowing them to enjoy a "Preview" Channel displaying a show reel of "Live" events from Sky. 3D Content is also available in the form of a 2D-to-3D conversion engineered exclusively for Samsung 3D Televisions. 2D-to-3D Conversion allows you convert your existing 2D television set, Games Consoles and Blu-Ray Players to 3D in the form of 1080i High Definition. The final way to enjoy 3D content on your Samsung PS50C7000 is through 3D Gaming Consoles. Currently the Sony PlayStation 3 is the only gaming console available on the market to offer this service.This 3D Television from Samsung also features support for Freeview HD among normal Freeview broadcasts with the added benefit of PVR functionality via USB Freeview HD allows you to enjoy BBC HD, ITV1 HD & 4HD (more HD Channels available in the future) in high definition for free without the need for an external Freeview HD box or a satellite receiver. This unit comes at the right time to enjoy all 64 Games of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in High Definition and for Free. The 50C7000 3D Plasma Television provides the ability to record and infinite amount of television broadcasts in both High Definition and Standard Definition with the ability the plug in an external USB Stick or USB External Hard Disk Drive.The Samsung 50C7000 uses the new premium Luxia Panel which provides fantastic contrast levels and also reduces reflection more commonly found on previous generation of television sets. The Samsung PS50C7000 3D Plasma TV Set uses the Samsung HyperReal Engine to produce rich colour & vivid images on your Luxia Plasma Television screen. The performance of the Samsung C7000 Series 7 television is amplified by the Samsung 600Hz Sub-Field which analyses at each individual frame of the footage and adjusts the frame in order to provide the smoothest picture quality available. The Series 7000 Plasma range picture quality is bolstered by the vivid, stark contrast and bold, pure colours that Samsung's Real Black Filter brings. It allows the Samsung PS50C7000 to block external light reflections whilst maximising the transmission of the light given out from the screen. It allows the Plasma TV to create clear, crisp images on screen with bright whites and deep blacks to give you a large range of colour.Not just producing fantastic pictures on the television screen, the Samsung PS50C7000 Television features SRS Theatre Sound. Its virtual surround sound produces a pleasant sound from the discreetly hidden speakers. At Simply Electricals, we advise that to experience the full potential of 3D Video and more importantly 3D Audio is extend your home theatre with a Samsung HW-C450 Home Theatre Speaker Bar or even a 5.1 or 7.1 Home Cinema system to take your experience of 3D to a whole new level.Also known as:PS50C7000YKXXU, PS-50C7000YKXXU, PS50C7000YKXXU, PS-50C7000, PS50C7000YKXXU, PS-50C7000YKXXU

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Samsung PS50C7000 50 Inch Full HD & Freeview HD 3D Plasma TV
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