Samsung 300 Series LT24B300 24" LED TV

HDTV.Samsung 300 Series LT24B300 24" LED TV

Experience your favourite media in glorious HD with the Samsung 300 Series LT24B300 24" LED TV . LED quality The LT24B300 features a 24" high definition LED screen that delivers crisp, vibrant images from all your favourite sources. From video games to Blu-ray films and HD TV, the LT24B300 delivers picture quality that makes the most of any media. LED screens not only provide a sharper, more realistic picture, they use far less energy than other technology. They are also some of the slimmest screens available, making them perfect for wall mounting or using in rooms where space is at a premium such as a bedroom or kitchen. Freeview choice Built into the LT24B300 is a Freeview receiver. With a wealth of digital TV channels available without subscription, there's always something on. Combining familiar terrestrial TV with dedicated entertainment, news and music channels, Freeview has something for everybody. The seven day programme guide lets you plan your weeks viewing and create reminders for your favourite shows, meaning you'll never forget to catch up on the soaps again. SRS Theatre Sound No matter your preferred media source, you can be sure of excellent audio quality thanks to SRS Theatre Audio. SRS emulates a full surround sound experience purely from two integrated stereo speakers, giving a wider depth of sound and a more immersive soundtrack to films and TV. It also works to normalise adverts and dialogue, creating smoother, more enjoyable audio no matter what you're watching. Connections to suit There are plenty of connection options for all your favourite media sources. HDMI gives the best picture quality for any high definition source such as a Sky Box, games console or a Blu-ray recorder while the SCART, component and composite inputs are suitable for most other devices like DVD and video players. The VGA socket is a useful addition that allows the LT24B300 to be used as an external display for a PC or laptop, making it the perfect addition to any gaming or work station. You can also view photos and videos via the USB port, letting you watch downloaded films in stunning HD on a larger screen. Don't forget your HDMI cables Check out our range of HDMI cables to connect your input devices and to make sure your new TV has the perfect picture. Look out for the Sandstrom Silver Series, high quality HDMI cables with a lifetime warranty. With a breath-taking HD display, built-in Freeview and a sleek black design, the Samsung 300 Series LT24B300 24" LED TV is the perfect compact TV for any room.Only one offer can be applied per basket , so you'll be eligible for the biggest saving of all the items you buy when you reach the checkout.

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Samsung 300 Series LT24B300 24" LED TV
Samsung 300 Series LT24B300 24" LED TV
T24B300 24" LED TV – White, White
SAMSUNG T24B300 24" LED TV – White, White
Samsung T24B300 24" LED TV – White, White
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