Panasonic TX-L19X5B (TXL19X5B) 19 Freeview HD VIERA LED TV"

HDTV.Panasonic TX-L19X5B (TXL19X5B) 19 Freeview HD VIERA LED TV"

The new Panasonic TX-L19X5B is a superb LED television that not only looks fantastic but is also eco-friendly. The Panasonic TX-L19X5B uses less energy than conventional LCD panels. Furthermore, it does not contain any harmful mercury. So enjoy TV viewing all you like, with great quality and the eco- friendliness to match. Featuring an IPS Alpha Panel the Panasonic TX-L19X5B has a wide viewing angle and excellent light transmittance, and has now been further enhanced with a bright, energy-saving LED backlight. Images do not fade when viewed from an angle, and a uniformly high-speed response across the entire range ensures crisp moving images with minimal afterglow. The IPS Alpha LED LCD offers superb contrast and also contributes to the display's slim design. Game Mode has also been included in the Panasonic TX-L19X5B. In Game Mode, quicker image response increases the enjoyment of video games when a game console is connected to the TV. What's more, VIERA produces the dark images in video games more clearly. This mode works with the anti-image retention (wobbling) function, too. With Freeview HD built in and the twin tuner allowing you to record one programme while watching another, the Panasonic TX-L19X5B is a fantastic TV with amazing picture quality. Also known as: TX-L19X5B, TXL19X5B, TX/L19X5B

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Panasonic TXL19X5B Black – 19Inch HD Ready LED TV with Integrated Freeview HD 2 HDMI Ports and 1 U
Panasonic TX-L19X5B (TXL19X5B) 19 Freeview HD VIERA LED TV"
Panasonic TX-L19X5B (TXL19X5B) 19" Freeview HD VIERA LED TV
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