Panasonic VIERA TX-L60DT65B Smart 3D 60� LED TV

HDTV.Panasonic VIERA TX-L60DT65B Smart 3D 60� LED TV

The Panasonic VIERA TX-L60DT65B Smart 3D 60� LED TV combines sophisticated picture and sound processing technology with jaw-dropping Smart features for a new level of home entertainment. How can a TV be Smart? Absolutely jam-packed with great functions that will open up new viewing avenues for you, this Panasonic large-screen 3D TV truly has it all. An integrated web browser and WiFi technology are on hand for easy connection to the internet via your wireless router, allowing you to browse similarly to on a PC. The portal screen menu takes you to a wide selection of content in addition to TV, including social networks, videos and more. All of this is yours as soon as you switch the TV on. You've got me interested… In addition to this powerful web functionality, the VIERA TX-L60DT65-B features catch-up TV with BBC iPlayer and access to social sites like Twitter and Facebook. Enjoy the latest YouTube smashes or your all-time favourites, and stream fantastic HD movies from Netflix. With My Home Screen you can set up your own personalised screen layout comprised of your favourite news, social media and video on demand apps, whether it's BBC iPlayer, YouTube or the many other services available through Viera connect, Panasonic's own Cloud-based internet service. The Panasonic VIERA TXL60D-T65B offers three preset My Home Screens out of the box – themed TV, Lifestyle and Information – each offering relevant content and apps. Smarter and Smarter The VIERA TX-L60DT65B can be conveniently controlled from a smartphone or tablet using the new Panasonic Remote App 2.0 for iOS and Android.This app mirrors the functionality of the main remote control, allowing you to navigate menus without interrupting the viewing of other family members. The set comes with two different remote controls – the familiar Panasonic IR controller, plus the new Bluetooth VIERA TouchPad Controller. This allows you to navigate the screen with intuitive swipes and gestures, incorporating a microphone for direct interaction with the TV. Make changes simply by speaking preset commands into the integrated microphone. Talk to your television The new Panasonic Voice Interaction feature allows you to control and navigate the TV using spoken commands. Change volume level and channels, access the internet, launch apps and more. Browse the internet and Skype video chat if you have a Skype account and optional Skype camera. The TV also conforms with Microsoft Smooth Streaming technology. Speak keywords into the Touch Pad Controller or a compatible smartphone (via pre-installed VIERA Remote 2) to see search results displayed onscreen and read out verbally. This Voice Guidance function literally enables you to talk with your TV. You'll be able to freely and easily share content and control your TV by linking it with a smartphone or tablet over a wireless LAN connection, taking advantage of the clever control features such as display mirroring, Bluetooth and much more. Swipe & Share DLNA technology lets you move content between your mobile device and the TV with a simple gesture � it's a great way to share photos and video. Looks count for everything The Panasonic VIERA TX-L60D-T65B 3D TV houses 1600Hz BLS technology and a Hexa Processing Engine, which applies six correctional adjustments to provide smooth motion and incredible picture detail from any source, even when you're watching fast action scenes and sports. Image evenness is bolstered by precise frame generation and insertion, while fine light-emission controls minimise flicker for seamless viewing. 1000 Hz backlight scanning combines with the IPS LCD panel, which offers fantastic viewing angle characteristics that enable the TV to render gorgeous images with high brightness, colour and contrast levels. The wide 178-degree viewing angle lets you enjoy a great picture no matter where you're seated. Clear Panel Pro technology shuts off extraneous back lighting to give crisp blacks and outstanding contrast. ISFccc profess

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Panasonic VIERA TX-L60DT65B Smart 3D 60" LED TV
Panasonic VIERA TX-L60DT65B Smart 3D 60� LED TV
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