Samsung UE32D6510WKXXU (UE32D6510) 32 3D LED SMART TV"

HDTV.Samsung UE32D6510WKXXU (UE32D6510) 32 3D LED SMART TV"

The Samsung UE32D6510 is part of Samsung's latest range of 3D Television building on the previous generation and is part of Samsung's new OneDesign range of televisions. One Design is a marvel of engineering and shining example of Samsung's investment in design and challenging the way TVs look. The OneDesign style for the D6510 Television has allowed Samsung to create a bezel width of 12mm, this in turn allows you to get a bigger screen size in a smaller frame. The bezel features a stylish brushed aluminium design that highlights the striking design of the 3D Television. Not only having an ultra slim bezel design, Samsung has managed to attain its ultra slim design of under 24mm in depth. The Samsung UE32D6510 is Samsung's first 3D Television to filter down into the 6 Series range of televisions after previously being found in the 7, 8 and 9 Series. The Samsung UE32D6510 builds on the success of the previous generation of televisions and introduces numerous of new technologies and enhancements. This 32 Inch 3D LED Television utilises Active 3D Technology, whereby the Active 3D Glasses (sold separately) do the magic to allow you to view the images displayed on the screen in 3D. The D6510 3D Screen features an enhanced 3D Transmitter using Bluetooth technology which removes the issues associated with the previous generation of infrared. Samsung's Active 3D Glasses operate wirelessly from the 3D LED TV and display one Full HD 1080p image per eye to give a Full HD 3D experience. The glasses are stylish, comfortable and are co-designed with glasses designer Silhouette to fit more comfortably and to be stylish when in use. Furthermore the glasses now come in 3 Different rechargeable form factors that suit any size of head: Premium 3D Glasses (SSG-3700CR), Every Day (SSG-3300GR) which are available in black or white and finally entry level (SSG-3100GB) more common with previous generation of televisions and available in battery operation only. Samsung Active 3D Glasses feature high-speed shutters to prevent light leakage. Highly precise timing control for the opening and closing of the shutters minimises unwanted light leakage to enable clear 3D viewing. Samsung Active LCD shutters glasses eliminate ghosting and gives you true colours so you can have a real full HD 3D cinematic experience. Samsung latest generation of 3D Televisions utilise Bluetooth technology, that eradicate common issues with the first generation of 3D Televisions and provide flicker free motion images even during fast paced actions scenes. The Samsung UE32D6510 features support for Freeview HD among normal Freeview broadcasts with the added benefit of PVR functionality via USB Freeview HD allows you to enjoy BBC HD, ITV1 HD & 4HD (more HD Channels available in the future) in high definition for free without the need for an external Freeview HD box or a satellite receiver. The 32D6510 3D LED Television provides the ability to record and infinite amount of television broadcasts in both High Definition and Standard Definition with the ability the plug in an external USB Stick or USB External Hard Disk Drive. The Samsung UE328D6510 will introduce a new category, Smart TV. Smart TV will change the way you experience entertainment and allowing you to become more informed, more connected, and most of all more entertained. Samsung's Smart TV is a major upgrade to Samsung's popular Internet@TV service that provides access to multitude of ways to extend content to your television whether this be accessing music, video, social networking, news or games applications. New for this year, Smart TV provides a gateway to use your television as any other internet equipped device and access websites on top of applications that you want to visit. You want to visit Simply Electricals on your TV? You can do that now right from your Samsung television screen. Smart TV on your Samsung UE32D6510 provides the means to access BBC iPlayer, Twitter, Facebook and LoveFilm through applications Smart TV on the D6510 Series of TVs allows you to make free video and voice calls right from your front room with the inclusion of Skype™ software and accessories include. A Samsung USB video camera HD (sold separately) with integrated microphone is included in the box allowing you to connect to friends and family on computers, mobile devices such as the iPhone and other Skype enabled Samsung televisions. The Samsung UE32D6510 provides two ways of accessing the internet; via WiFi through the built-in Wireless N WiFi dongle, or via ethernet where you can hardwire the unit to your router to provide a stable connection to the internet. Watching 3D Content on your Luxia D6510 is currently available in 4 different flavours; Blu-Ray 3D, 3D Broadcast, 2D-to-3D Conversion, 3D Gaming Consoles. Blu-Ray 3D Players are currently the only way to enjoy Full HD 3D content – which means each eye, will receive a Full 1080p High Definition image in order to produce the 3D effect. Another way to enjoy 3D Content with your Samsung 3D LED Television is the broadcast form. Currently in the United Kingdom, BSkyB are the only broadcaster to provide a scheduled programming service called Sky 3D. Sky 3D is available for Free to all Sky World (with Sky HD Subscription) customers allowing them to enjoy a full schedule of 3D Movies, 3D Sports and 3D Drama from Sky. Alternatively BT Vision and Virgin Media have both expanded their VoD service to include 3D Content available to be downloaded to your retrospective box. 3D Content is also available in the form of a 2D-to-3D conversion engineered exclusively for Samsung 3D Televisions. 2D-to-3D Conversion allows you convert your existing 2D television set, Games Consoles and Blu-Ray Players to 3D in the form of 1080i High Definition. The final way to enjoy 3D content on your Samsung UE32D6510 is through 3D Gaming Consoles. Currently the Sony PlayStation 3 is the only gaming console available on the market to offer this service. The Samsung UE32D6510 32 3D LED Television features new 3D progressing technology whereby the each left and right images are processed twice to increase resolution and clarity of the 3D Images. Furthermore the D6510 Series features new '3D Crosstalk-Free' technology which provides clearer and deeper 3D picture through the use of fast response time and sophisticated backlight scanning technology. This results in greater 3D Depth and less eye fatigue. The Samsung UE32D6510 outstanding 2D and 3D picture and sound performance is as a result of new technologies including 400 Hz Clear Motion Rat & Ultra Clear Panel. 400 Hz Clear Motion rate is the process of the D6510 Television produces ultra smooth, ultra crisp and ultra clear images on Samsung HD TVs. 400 Hz CMR (Clear Motion Rate) takes a standard 50 Hz signal and calculates an additional interpolated forms for every frame received. This is combined with a cycle of scanning the backlight to produce 400 processed images. Ultra Clear Panel absorbs external light and eliminates reflection, enhancing the contrast and picture clarity of the TV Also known as: UE32D6510WKXXU, UE32D6510WK, UE32D6510"

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Samsung UE32D6510WKXXU (UE32D6510) 32 3D LED SMART TV"
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SAMSUNG UE32D6510 32" Full HD LED 3D TV
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