Samsung UE40F7000 Smart 3D 40" LED TV with HW-F350 2.1 Soundbar

HDTV.Samsung UE40F7000 Smart 3D 40" LED TV with HW-F350 2.1 Soundbar

Revolutionise how you enjoy home entertainment with the beautiful UE40F7000 Smart 3D 40" LED TV with HW-F350 2.1 Soundbar from Samsung. Bringing you a new way to watch Smart TV with breathtaking visuals, built in WiFi, interactive controls and technology that actually learns your preferences for a personalised TV experience this stunning large screen television is a perfect choice for all entertainment enthusiasts. A very Smart TV Thanks to the built in WiFi you can enjoy the very best of Smart TV functionality. With the Quad Core processor you can seamlessly switch between Catch up TV* and social media sites or surf the web at speed, and thanks to the Samsung App store, you can download your favourite apps straight to the large screen, for hours of fun and games. Bring family and friends into your living room and enjoy Skype conversation and web chats thanks to the built in Webcam. Smart Evolution The F7000 is Smart Evolution enabled, making it future ready, This means that in the future, by adding a Smart Evolution kit, your TV will be updated with new technologies in terms of performance, features and content keeping your TV bang up to date for a fraction of the cost of a new TV. The Smart Evolution kit is sold separately and improvement levels are based on the year of purchase. S Recommendation: TV tailored to you Ensuring you always have something to watch, the UE40F7000 carefully analyses your viewing preferences and intelligently suggests similar programmes you might enjoy. Searching live TV as well as on demand programming and apps, the UE40F7000 learns from the shows you select and tailors programming to you for a more personalised service that improves over time. Subscription free TV Watch up to 50 TV channels and listen to over 24 radio stations without any additional fees thanks to the dual Freeview HD & Freesat HD in built tuners. Giving you the very best in free high definition programming and a handy Electronic Programming Guide to keep you informed of the entire schedule, you will never be without something to watch. With 4 HDMI and 3 USB 2.0 ports, you can build a true home entertainment system with ease. Smart Evolution Featuring Samsung's Smart Evolution, the F7000 reengineers itself to constantly stay on the cutting edge of technology. Updating apps and refreshing software annually, the UE40F7000 is a cost effective way to make sure you have the best possible performance and latest features at a fraction of the price of replacing your set. Interactive Entertainment Become the remote and use your body to control the UE40F7000 with Samsung's Motion Control. Swipe and grab to change channels, adjust volumes and explore menus with natural gestures and movements for a far more interactive experience. Flick through your holiday photos with a wave of your arm for a more fun and user interface. Intelligent Voice Commands Control your TV with your voice and command it to run applications, find shows to watch via the S-Recommendation feature or use it to search online content without pressing a button. Sit back and relax as you tell your TV what you want it to do and let the Voice Interaction engine do the rest. Search for shows, actors or genres or ask it to recommend something for you to watch using regular everyday language making it easier than ever to take control of your viewing. Full HD 3D The Samsung F7000 brings top of the range 3D visuals to let you enjoy super fine detail and watch your favourite shows or movies. See television in a new light and experience unparalleled image clarity with the UE40F7000 's clear 40" LED screen with super thin bezel for a maximum viewing area. Bring films and games to life with a blistering 800 Hz refresh rate for smoother, seamless motion that puts you firmly in the action and eye popping active 3D that jumps out for edge of your seat viewing. Bringing together a host of smart features as well as usability and a chic futuristic design, the Samsung UE40F7000 Smart 3D 40" LED

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Samsung UE40F7000 Smart 3D 40" LED TV
UE40F7000 Smart 3D 40" LED TV
Samsung UE40F7000 Smart 3D 40" LED TV with HW-F350 2.1 Soundbar
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