UE40HU6900 Smart 4k Ultra HD 40" LED TV

HDTV.UE40HU6900 Smart 4k Ultra HD 40" LED TV

The Samsung UE40HU6900 Smart 4k Ultra HD 40" LED TV outputs truly stunning picture quality in a large screen TV that really makes more of your entertainment. Ultra HD for ultra-incredible viewing This 40" Samsung TV sports a big LED panel with an Ultra HD resolution that makes for more memorable entertainment with every viewing. The 40HU6900 boasts four times the detail of Full HD, characterised by bold colours and cleaner, clearer contrast and detail rendering. Whether you're watching a TV broadcast, enjoying a Blu-ray disc or playing the latest video games, you're going to get a bigger, better and bolder experience. Quality enhancing display It's now possible to have the benefits of UHD for almost all of your content with 4 Step UHD Upscaling. This proprietary Samsung technology uses advanced image processing to convert lower resolution content (including TV shows and Blu-ray discs) into unbelievably sharp Ultra HD resolution. It's just another way to make even more of your favourite movies and programmes. No matter which angle you're watching from, the Samsung HU6900 prevents the overlapping of images as its Ultra Clear panel absorbs external light to minimise light reflections on the screen. Advanced TV technology This Samsung UE40HU6900 4k Ultra HD 50" TV is packed with all kinds of Smart features to give you the best, most varied entertainment experience possible. The remote control even features voice control, ideal for when your hands are full. Enjoy the full range of catch-up TV services including ITV Player, 4oD, BBC iPlayer, Demand 5, BBC Sport and BBC News. Download additional apps from the Samsung app store to get more out of your TV. There's a full internet browser too, so you can view websites in large, pristine form for a better web experience, and you can access social media such as Facebook and Twitter directly to stay in touch whenever you're watching TV. Customise your TV home screen with the content you love best just where you want it. The set is also compatible with Skype, so it's possible to enjoy large-scale video chats with an additional webcam (sold separately). Expand your vision Multi Link Screen from Samsung brings more expansive multitasking to your Samsung 40HU6900 . A quad core processor lets you view multiple screens at once by dividing the screen into live TV and a pre-populated web browser that gives more information on what you're watching. You can even watch live TV while using your favourite apps. Access Smart features and use apps with faster response times, or take a Skype call while you're watching TV. Flip between apps, internet services and on-air TV with newfound ease for a genuinely seamless TV experience. More Ultra HD features The Samsung HU9600 features UHD Dimming for enhanced contrast as well as pristine image resolution. Colour and detail are also accurately controlled within image sub-sections to make everything look amazing. Whatever connected source you're enjoying entertainment from, you can expect more natural skin tones, deeper blacks and richer detail for a level of realism that's unmatched. Bring your entertainment to life. The TV also supports the latest UHD standards including HEVC video compression. This allows you to stream UHD content over the web. It's also compliant with HDMI 2.0 to support playback of UHD content at up to 60 fps. Now you can enjoy better-looking content from set-top boxes and other sources with the assurance that copyrighted UHD content is read and played correctly. Ready for the future The Samsung HU6900 UHD TV is Future Ready with a UHD Smart Evolution Kit that totally reengineers your TV without you having to replace it. You'll be able to refresh your TV to the latest in performance technology, content and features so that it stays cutting edge. It's compatible with all existing UHD connected sources and you can also upgrade it to be compatible with future UHD standards. Don't forget your HDMI cables Check out our range of HDMI cables to co

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UE40HU6900 Smart 4k Ultra HD 40" LED TV
Samsung UE40HU6900 Smart 4k Ultra HD 40" LED TV
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