UE55H8000 Smart 3D 55" Curved LED TV

HDTV.UE55H8000 Smart 3D 55" Curved LED TV

With a stunning new curved design and packed with all the features you need to entertain the whole family, the Samsung UE55H8000 Smart 3D 55" Curved LED TV offers an immersive viewing experience that brings your favourite content to life. Enveloped in entertainment The H8000 boasts a stunning curved design that not only looks fantastic, but also draws you into the screen like never before, so you can lose yourself in the drama or enjoy heart-racing action with extra thrills. The curvature is optimised for the viewing distance in your living room, which means that it provides a wider field of view and more natural viewing angles, drawing you into whatever's happening on screen. Auto Depth Enhancer technology makes you feel like you're part of the action. It analyses different areas on the screen and enhances the contrast in each of the areas. The effect is an increased sense of depth and more compelling images. The art of entertainment The innovative design of the Samsung H8000 Curved TV breaks the boundaries of TV design. The design reflects the shape and characteristics of an arch, using a smart metallic frame and metal stand which come together to create a masterpiece in your room. Using plenty of curves in its design, this television is as much as a work of art when turned off as it is when it's on. Superior Smart features and twin tuners Whatever you want to watch, you'll be able to find it on the 55H8000 Smart Curved LED TV . It includes a full suite of catch-up TV services, including all the favourites such as BBC iPlayer, 4oD and ITV Player, as well as BBC Sport and BBC News to keep you up to date. View your favourite web pages and more from the comfort of your sofa, or catch up with friends and followers thanks to the Facebook and Twitter applications. There are even more apps available at the integrated app store. With both Freeview HD and Freesat HD tuners built-in, you can watch a range of channels without needing to worry about paying monthly subscriptions or fees. Multi-screen viewing Multitask while you watch TV thanks to the multi-link screen – the quad core plus processor at the heart of the UE55H8000 lets you view multiple screens at once. It splits the screen into live TV and a pre-populated web browser which provides you with information about the programme you're watching, so you'll know all about characters, news and more. You can also browse your favourite apps whilst keeping an eye on live TV. With this super-speed processor inside your television, you won't need to wait around for your Smart content to load and you can multitask to your heart's content. Recommending programmes and more Use voice interaction and S Recommendation to find content that's suited to you, based on the programmes you already watch. This technology intelligently learns your preferences, and the more you watch, the smarter it will become. Simply ask it to find you something to watch, and it will respond to your voice, suggesting content from live TV, video on demand services and apps, providing you with the best of online and live content with the minimum of effort. Get the full picture The UE55H8000 Curved LED TV uses Micro Dimming Ultimate technology to provide you with the best possible image, whatever you're watching. Implementing precise control of the colour, contrast and detail of sub-sections of the images on your screen, this technology brings life-like quality to your viewing no matter what source you're watching it from. Revel in stunning skin tones, sharp details and deep dark black shades, so even the most surreal programmes can be seem a little more realistic. The ultra clear panel provides you with the best viewing experience by absorbing external light, helping to provide clear and vivid images. This helps to prevent overlapping of images by reducing the amount of light on the screen. Evolving television Samsung's Smart Evolution means that you can keep your TV up to date without needing to replace your set every

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Samsung UE55H8000 Smart 3D 55" Curved LED TV
UE55H8000 Smart 3D 55" Curved LED TV
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