UE55HU8200 Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD 55" Curved LED TV

HDTV.UE55HU8200 Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD 55" Curved LED TV

Experience films, TV and games like never before with the high-tech Samsung UE55HU8200 Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD 55" Curved LED TV . 4k curved screen The HU8200 features an incredibly detailed 3840 x 2160 4k ready LED screen that delivers the finest detail and most natural colours available in your home. From Blu-ray movies and HD streaming to making the most of next generation gaming, you can experience your media at its very best without compromise. 4k resolution is four times that of regular 1080p high definition and is increasingly becoming more accessible. With most new films being filmed in 4k, now is the perfect time to upgrade for the future. The curved screen not only looks impressive, it increases the amount of screen within your peripheral vision for a truly immersive viewing experience. This curve mimics the way your eyes see the world and creates a natural viewing angle that lets you see the entire screen without straining. Active 3D Active 3D delivers the deepest and most impressive 3D experience available. Perfect for ducking and diving through the latest blockbusters with friends or losing yourself in the beauty of a 3D nature documentary, the 55HU8200 takes home entertainment to the next level. The UHD TV comes with two pairs of glasses included, so you can start watching as soon as you've got set up. Cutting-edge screen technology The HU8200 features a wealth of Samsung technology designed to deliver the best possible pictures. Four step up-scaling boosts the quality of low resolution images such as TV, DVD and even Blu-ray for improved clarity and overall appearance on the large LED screen regardless of your source quality. UHD Dimming automatically adjusts the colour, contrast and backlighting during playback for precise shading and true light representation. This ensures natural and realistic pictures for live action media such as sports and drama along with rich, vibrant images during animated and digital video and games, letting the whole family enjoy their preferred media at its best. All this technology is powered by a powerful quad-core processor that provides a seamless performance. It even lets you view multiple screens simultaneously, so you can watch live TV while chatting to friends or search the web for detailed programme info and check up on social media during adverts. Smart services Connect the HU-8200 to the web using either the built-in WiFi adapter or Ethernet port to access a comprehensive world of Smart TV services and catch-up TV. All the main catch-up TV providers are pre-installed, with plenty more on-demand streaming services, games and more available from the app store. There's even a full web browser for computer-like surfing from the comfort of your sofa. Ready for the future The days of TVs being left behind by technological advances are over thanks to UHD Smart Evolution Kit compatibility. This handy port allows you increase performance, add Smart features and enhance options when newer technology is released – simply install the correct Evolution Kit to enjoy the functionality and added benefits of the next generation of TVs without the need to completely upgrade. Five year guarantee The HU8200 TV comes with a reassuring five year guarantee, so you'll be able to enjoy your favourite home entertainment for years to come. Don't forget your HDMI cables Check out our range of HDMI cables to connect your input devices and to make sure your new TV has the perfect HD picture. Look out for the Sandstrom Silver Series HDMI cables that come complete with a reassuring lifetime warranty. Enjoy your media at is very best with the impressive Samsung UE55HU8200 Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD 55" Curved LED TV .Only one offer can be applied per basket , so you'll be eligible for the biggest saving of all the items you buy when you reach the checkout.

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UE55HU8200 Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD 55" Curved LED TV
Samsung UE55HU8200 Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD 55" Curved LED TV
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