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Sony Bravia is one of the most reknowned range if LCD Televisions out there, thanks in no small part to Sonys commitment to excellence within the range and their sheer marketing prowess which has seen some high quality, and indeed memorable advertising as well as strategic brand arrangement with some of the most iconic movies of the decade (Casino Royale was littered with examples of Sony Product Placement).

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BRAVIA is the brand used by Sony in Europe to market its high-definition LCD televisions and it replaced the old brand, WEGA, in the summer of 2005. The name BRAVIA stands for “Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture” and all new Sony high-definition LCD TVs produced in for Europe bear the BRAVIA logo and if you believe the ad they boast ‘Colour like no other’.

And why wouldn’t you believe the hype. Its possible to get carried away with all the latest advances in modern tech, and proclaim each new innovation as the most remarkable event since bread was sold in slices, but in recent years Sony have consistently proven themselves to be at the forefront of LCD Flatpanel technology.

Their Range of TVs has evolved over the years but they consistently produce stylish and evocative black framed and glossy looking screens to die for. It was once said if Q gave James Bond a High Definition TV as a gadget it would more than likely be a Sony (strategic product marketing on Sony’s part? Most likely).

Available in screen sizes to fit any space from 17 inches to 55 inches (and with a price range to match) there is even a selection of ‘Green’ TVs which claim to use half the energy of the regular screens. Whatever you are looking for you can count on Sony to Deliver. For the latest information on the latest sony Ranges check out their official site:

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